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SCS has provided the Academy with invaluable support in helping to plan and deliver a major programme of ICT improvement.

We could not have completed this demanding procurement work without SCS’s experience and commitment.

Chris Powell, Finance Director
Thetford Learning Trust

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How does SCS help its clients?

We help our clients respond to the challenges of deploying affordable ICT that supports innovative teaching and learning.

The solutions we arrive at take into account:

  • the priority of working towards improved educational outcomes
  • the desire to embed the use of ICT in all teaching and learning;
  • creative, project-based and personalised learning approaches;
  • the need for all users (teachers, administrators, management staff and students) to feel confident working with the ICT installed;
  • anticipated revisions and updates to the school ICT curriculum;
  • rising levels of employer interest in students’ ICT skills and accreditations;
  • the reality of decreasing ICT budgets;
  • the need to focus on value for money;
  • the need to keep all school stakeholders (teachers, administrators, management, students, parents, governors, local authority) engaged and supportive of ICT changes.

The SCS approach

In the first instance, SCS will usually work with the principal and the executive board on each ICT change programme. Further input can then come from faculty heads, heads of e-Learning, finance directors, heads of ICT, network and systems managers and ICT technical teams.

We build project programmes that complement your available skills and capacity, and we are able to draw on a wide range of examples of best practice from across the education sector.

SCS can also take on a variety of short-term roles in schools. These roles include:

  • ICT director
  • procurement manager
  • succession planner
  • governance consultant
  • development manager
  • executive coach.

SCS understands the priorities and pressures of the academic day and will routinely work to fit meetings in around key staff availability (i.e. often before school starts or in the evenings).

SCS’s low overheads mean that our fees are realistic and not excessive. Costs can be offset by tangible savings delivered across a typical ICT procurement budget cycle.