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SCS’s knowledge of the ICT procurement process was critical in ensuring our specification documents were compliant with local authority rules in advance of being distributed to potential suppliers.

Abbotsfield School for Boys, Hillingdon

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What services does SCS offer?

SCS offers a portfolio of services which are typically tailored to each client’s needs. Programmes will be designed according to the needs of your management team, the timetable of your project and the maturity of your current ICT infrastructure and teaching methods. We often recommend that programmes be implemented in stages.

We can advise you on:

  • running ICT vision workshops with teachers, employers and other stakeholders;
  • mapping technologies to learning and teaching goals/performance metrics;
  • completing audits of existing technology inventory, current assets and service delivery levels;
  • building three- to five-year development plans/roadmaps/budgets for ICT project revenue and capital investment;
  • leading ICT technology services procurement using relevant public frameworks to ensure regulatory compliance with EU and UK legislation;
  • coaching school management/ICT staff in procurement processes;
  • developing technology change management and training methodologies for schools;
  • organising supplier meetings/technology demonstrations and sponsorship discussions;
  • defining and launching ICT governance processes;
  • managing ICT performance audits of staff and current practices;
  • engaging with designers, construction professionals, architects on ICT integration into new buildings and refurbishments;
  • preparing and negotiating supplier contracts for legal review;
  • offering practical solutions for managing stakeholder consultation.